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If you’re considering undertaking laser hair removal or have already booked your first session, but you are feeling a little apprehensive about what will happen, we give you a few tips to put you at ease.

Our sessions for laser hair removal at Freedom Clinics Leeds are calm, quick and offer a welcoming environment. Before your first session you will have a consultation (free for a limited time) to talk about what your hopes are from the treatment. Our experts will then advise and talk you through the process.

You will then receive a free patch test on your skin. This is an essential part of pre-treatment as it tells us whether you are able to sustain the methods without effects, at what intensity of the laser you will need and also allows you to experience what it will feel like.

On your first session you will be taken to a treatment room and will lie on a bed. You will then be given dark glasses to shield your eyes from the laser and the machine will be placed on the area that is to be treated.

There will then be ‘zaps’ and flashes of light as our professional gets to work on the problem area. You will be able to feel this, however it will not be painful.

After the laser hair treatment, antiseptic cream will be put on the area to sooth and protect it, and then you’re done!

Our staff member will then advise you what to do next. Most procedures will require six sessions, depending on the area and hair, and it is usual for sessions to take place every four to six weeks.