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Even if you’re not an avid sports fan, the London Olympics surely didn’t pass you by. What did catch our eye was the streamlined smoothness of our greatest athletes. Be it cyclist, swimmer or sprinter, those 2012 heroes were completely hair free.

While it is not unusual to see hairless women, there are a number of reasons why different types of sportsmen also turn to hair removal.

Performance enhancement

Research has backed up the theory that humans move faster without hair. We’re not saying that you’ll catch your bus if you are completely bald, but the nanoseconds in sport count, which is why you’ll find runners without hair. Think Mo Farah. Swimmers move faster too with less hair and blood lactate is reduced.


While no research has proved cyclists are faster without hair, making the most of the convenient laser hair removal Leeds has to offer is still in their interest. There is the issue of road rash and tight clothing, and the fact that smooth limbs are easier to massage. Smooth sportsmen are even found in wrestlers, who rid of their body hair to prevent chaffing.

Injury time

For cyclists crashes are usually in abundance in the world of road racing and hair free wounds are easier and cleaner to treat.


Some sports are focused on looks, such as bodybuilding. And others just like to keep their fuzz as trim as their bodies. Well, when the world is watching, you would want to look your best wouldn’t you?