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Recently published research suggests that using acupuncture alongside IVF for fertility, increased wellbeing and fertility awareness. This resulted in women becoming pregnant 50% quicker than a control group of lifestyle modification alone. For the research paper click here:(

Here at Freedom Clinics, our expert acupuncturist Mar De La Cruz, has been seeing a lot of success when combining acupuncture with IVF treatments in her patients who are having issues with conceiving. Mar has been using the following protocol, which was recently published in the  ” The  Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture” Volume 23 Issue 1.”

  • The patient should start acupuncture once a week 2-3 months before ovarian stimulation. This treatment can balance hormone levels and create a more receptive environment in the womb for conception. During this period some patients might get pregnant naturally.
  • Acupuncture can be used during the ovarian stimulation to reduce the side effects caused by IVF drugs and improve the body’s response to hormonal stimulation
  • Before EC (egg collection) one acupuncture session to alleviate the tension and pain.
  • Before and after ET( Embryo transfer)  , aiming to calm the uterus to prepare for implantation.
  • Two sessions of acupuncture  in the first week after ET.
  • During pregnancy, acupuncture once per week until week 12

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