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Back pain - Back to basics - Image of a woman receiving back care

Back pain is a complex issue

Back pain can affect 8 in every 10 of us in the UK, causing over 31 million lost work days each year. A large majority of cases are caused by work itself with constrained body positions and repetition of movements being the top two reasons for back issues.

A well maintained back should serve you well throughout your life, however – How many of us know the basics to preventing back issues?

We are all pretty ‘au fait’ when it comes to doctors orders but back care involves so much more the the “bending at the knees and sitting up straight”, some advice is outdated and simply does not help.

So let’s look at the different ways to prevent future back pain.

Back pain tip #1. Regular physical activity

Taking part in regular physical activities such as swimming, walking and yoga can help strengthen your core and therefore support your back. Other exercises such as planks and squats also has an effect on your strength which aids you in your movement day to day. The stronger you are the less problems you will experience with your back.

Back pain tip #2. Diet

Diet plays a massive part in your health, we are all well aware of this however, recent research has found vitamin K helps the deposit of calcium in the bones, making them more dense. Vitamin K is found in spinach, broccoli and other dark leafy greens.

Back pain tip #3. Mattress type

Contrary to belief soft foam beds are beneficial for your back. However if you are already suffering from back pain then the recommendations are a firmer mattress.

Back pain tip #4. Head alignment

The use of pillows can vary but the standard rule is keeping your head in alignment with your spine.

Back pain tip #5. Carrying weight

Take the weight away! Check your handbag or briefcase and get rid of anything that simply does not need to be in there.

You’ll be surprised how much people carry around that they don’t need and one shoulder bag or bags held with one arm or hand i.e briefcases; can bend your spine over years of commuting back and forth to the office.

Back pain tip #6. Good posture

The age old good posture is always a firm argument when protecting your back. It may sound like something you have heard of a million times but needless to say it is the best advice for you and your back.

Back pain tip #7. Balls!

If you sit at a desk for any number of hours then invest in a stability ball. Not only will this help you sit up straight but will help you build abs without even noticing it!

If you already suffer back problems then our advice would be to get diagnosed as soon as possible.

The back is a complex area of your body and the problem maybe hard to identify. Without professional care and treatment you could add to the pain and hinder recovery time.

Our back Chiropractic, Osteopathy & Physiotherapy team are on hand for diagnosis, treatment and overall management of conditions.

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