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Michael Jackson tilt move - Toe step signature dance move

Remember that tilt move?

We all asked the question right? How did he do it! How did MJ pull off that signature dance move where he tilted forward by 45 degrees?

As kids we all tried it and fell flat on our face. Michael Jackson was untouchable with his dance routines. The moon walk, the toe stand and the famous anti gravity lean made the man far from human.

The man could do anything he wanted, only now we know the secret to this creative move that left us all stunned!

Three neurosurgeons from the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh have cracked the 30 year old mystery.

Tilt move secret revealed!

Tilt move performer dressed in white suit

So how did MJ pull of this 45 tilt while straight as an arrow and feet flat on the floor?

A simple peg and a cleverly engineered shoe!

Na, it’s not that simple. Yes! The shoe played a part and the peg played a part but without the core strength of a gymnast and months of practise this unearthly move would never be achievable (without breaking something!)

Most professional dancers can achieve a 25 – 30 degree forward tilt, with the aid of this clever device MJ could make that extra 15 degrees and made it look effortless.

Using the heel of the shoe, engineers cut out a v shaped wedge from the heel, with this they could hook the shoe onto a “peg” that was raised from the stage. This peg held the back of the foot firm to the floor, allowing MJ to lean forward without falling.

Regardless of this trickery, MJ has left a legacy behind, pushing artistry to the brink, creating fresh ideas and broadening the opinions of performance art.

Still need more than a trick to perform the Tilt move

Without his ability to dance like a true professional this brilliant idea would never have been brought to life!

Michael Jackson's tilt move - Sidewalk Star with Michael Jackson written on it

Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, California, USA

Very smooth MJ!

Core strength can make you just as smooth!, If you visit us at Freedom clinics our Osteopaths, Chiropractors and physiotherapists integrate core exercises as part of their patient management.