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sports massage


A sports massage is often thought of as deep and sometimes painful massages for the “athletic” person.


Truth be known that anyone who likes to keep fit and exercise even if it is light exercise, can benefit from a sports massage.


Let’s look at the benefits :-


Speedy recovery times – Working tight muscles with a good sports massage helps speed up your recovery. Tight muscles squeeze blood out and poor circulation throughout a body always hinders recovery.


Improves elasticity of the tissues – Sports massage helps you maintain good elasticity, which can be lost through hard training. Regular massages can aid your training regime and keep you flexible as you grow older.


Stretching – It’s almost impossible to stretch all muscles with your standard warm up routine. Sports massages can help reach these muscles plus it stretches the fascia and sheath that surround the muscle releasing tension and pressure.


Aid the break down of scar tissue – scar tissue can lead to inflexibility. A good sports massage can help break down the scar tissue from previous injuries and help you keep nimble and flexible.


Increased tissue permeability – As exercise increases the uptake of sugars by our muscles, increasing tissue permeability by sports massage helps build and maintain good structure.


Microcirculation – Sports massage helps blood flow to the tissues as does exercise. Using massage while relaxing enables nutrients to pass through more easily. This in turn helps build and maintain good muscle structure.


Helping with pain – Tension and injury can cause ongoing pain, which massage can help release.


Produces endorphins – As with exercise, sports massage can release natural endorphins which not only make you physically feel better but also relaxes, lowers stress levels, helps with anxiety and overall gives you that natural invigorating feeling.


Sports massage can really enhance your sporting ability and ease your day to day tasks. As summer is now here many of us will be getting involved in more sporting activities such as marathons fun-runs, or maybe you just want to maintain your usual gym routine? Regular sports massage therapy could help you perform better.


There is never really a wrong time to have a sports massage. To maintain good muscle structure, flexibility or recover quicker from injury. Every patient is cared for on a one to one basis by our experienced sports massage therapists.


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