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Back pain - image of a mans back


We all know a healthy balanced diet can have massive benefits to your life but can it really affect your spine and cause back pain?

Being overweight can cause stress on your skeletal structure which most if not all of us are fully aware of. However, thin people are just as likely to suffer from back issues.


Why is this?

Some major causes of back pain can come from injury, posture and weight. However, no one really figures in diet especially when they feel they are of a normal weight or even underweight.

Large amounts of inflammatory food such as vegetable and seed oils, table sugar, refined flour and artificial sweeteners can cause muscles to contract.
Over time it can lead to spasms and irritation to your back.
Vegetarians can often complain of a bad back due to a high leafy diet. Unfortunately too much salad can also have the same effect.

A green diet can cause your digestive tract to go into overdrive which has the same “spasming” effect on your muscles.


So what can I eat?

If you are over the age of 20 then you have already reached your peak of bone mass growth therefore building muscle strength and taking good care of the muscles in the back is the only way you can prevent spinal strain.

As a child we are encouraged to eat dairy, and although that ship may have sailed, we can aid bone health by taking vitamin D3 which helps our bodies absorb calcium.

The best route to a healthy body is to have a varied diet! Eat what you like but don’t fall into a routine.

Avoid large amounts of alcohol, caffeine and processed foods.


Other ways to keep your spine healthy are –

  • Resting well
  • Core strength
  • Good footcare
  • Good supportive shoes
  • Limiting your time in one position (sitting and standing)
  • Seeing a Osteopath or Chiropractor for spinal check ups
  • Sports massages to aid muscle recovery
  • Regular breaks every 45 mins from the desk
  • Good water intake to keep muscles hydrated


For more information on how to care for your back get in touch with us at freedom clinics.

Our specialist chiropractors & osteopaths can help you with any back problems you have been experiencing and advise you further on how to avoid damage to your back.