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We all suffer from aches and pains from time to time. Some more so than others, but what is it really costing us when we fail to acknowledge the signals?

Statistically, it is well documented that men are far less likely to admit to pain or illness. In fact over 60 percent of men will not seek help unless they have a serious medical condition.

A lesser known fact is the link between pain and mental health. The vicious circle that it entails and the price you pay for not dealing with the aftermath.

Research suggests 50% of people suffering from chronic pain also struggle with depression and anxiety.

Although we may consider pain to be nothing more than a physical weakness. It is actually also an emotional condition that has a massive influence over your thoughts and moods.

Known to drive people to isolation, this emotional condition can separate you from “able bodied” people, knowing you can no longer do the things you once could, leaving you dejected and alone.

It can also work the other way too, it has been known that depression can also cause unexplained pain, such as back ache and migraines.

Experiencing both can leave you with nowhere to go.

Recently I have come across a story which highlighted a issue seldom talked about, driving ourselves to mental instability.



Recent news


British banker, Robert Snape had spent 20 years suffering with chronic back pain. His high flying job as vice president of Citibank, took him around the world. With his top position and eager to please attitude, Mr Snape did not want to cloud his judgement.  He refused to take any form of medication for his back pain.

The agony he suffered eventually and sadly drove him to his death when he committed suicide earlier this year.



Chronic pain affects millions of people in the UK. It is believed 10% of people take their own lives because of it.


Chronic pain can cause a domino effect or chain reaction.

In most cases once the pain starts, your normal day to day life stops.

This could mean having to get up earlier to give yourself more time for getting ready, or stopping your exercise routine. However little the change is, it is still impacting you in a negative way. If the pain is not quickly resolved, the negative impact becomes far greater and your mood will start to change.

No matter what your fitness levels are, research has proven that exercise benefits you both physically and mentally. When pain prevents you from getting out and about, this indeed adds to your already strained frame of mind.

The other affect chronic pain can have on your life is your ability to maintain a good income. Taking time off work can be absolutely necessary. Worrying about bills and not providing for the family can leave you in utter despair.

Social stigma and feelings of hopelessness leave you feeling like life is not worth living. When you are mentally swimming against the tide, you just want the pain to stop.

The price of pain doesn’t bare thinking about, it can have a devastating effect on you and your family.



It’s time to speak up to mental health.


Men have a higher rate of suicide, they also insist on not speaking out. Although these facts cannot be ignored, both males and females need to start speaking out and seeking help.

There are plenty of ways to ease your pain, improve your mental health and wellbeing It just takes one step – contact.

If you feel your pain may be more than skeletal or muscular, it is important to contact your local GP. They can give you a full health check.


Don’t be worried about the outcome.


Without the help you need, your situation could become progressively worse.

Not all types of pain mean endless pills and potions. Some pains can be dealt with without the need for prescribed medication.

Back, neck and joint pain can be treated effectively by an osteopath, a chiropractor or a physiotherapist. They can also advise you on how to manage your pain, and teach you how to prevent further flare ups.

Other treatments such as acupuncture can help mental health and physical pain including migraines which are extremely debilitating.

Get in touch for further advice, or to speak to someone who can help control, manage and prevent pain.

Don’t suffer in silence, we’re here to help.

Our expert team of fully qualified and registered practitioners treat a wide range of conditions:

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck & shoulder pain
  • Whiplash
  • Upper back pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Trapped nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Unwanted facial hair & body hair
  • Common skin conditions
  • General health problems


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