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With just less than 4 months to go until the London marathon 2019, and Christmas under our belt, it’s time to buckle up and get ready for what’s set to be the biggest event of the year!

With a massive world record total of 414,168 applications, making London the most popular marathon on the planet.

They say on average 2% of runners will not make it across the finishing line. Most of those who make it through the 26.5 miles will suffer from dehydration. However early dropouts are normally related to strains and sprains!

Preparation is key to surviving the gruelling task of making it to the finish.


Here are some great ways to limber up and get body ready –


  • Avoid prolonged exhaustion by gradually building your training routine. You can also mix up your route with different gradients, such as slight hill runs with flats.
  • If you have more than one pair of trainers then try use both while training. Although this seems to go against past advice, it is better to change your footwear as part of mixing up your routine. Avoid new foot wear as the date approaches though, as this can change your gait and balance.

  (You should be replacing your shoes every 500 miles).

  • Never attempt to catch up on lost training days. Whether that be through sickness or holiday, go back to the drawing board and build up as you feel comfortable.
  • Protect your knees, starting with the right trainers. There are also benefits to wearing knee splints and a back brace. (Especially for those who struggle with old injuries).
  • Glucosamine supplements help increase cartilage and the fluid surrounding the joints.
  • Any injuries in the lower part of the body can have a knock on effect, resulting in new strains and sprains. Osteopathy, Chiropody, and Physiotherapy are all routes to explore when treating conditions which relate to hip, buttock, leg and foot injuries.
  • Regular sports massages are not just for recovery but should be part of your training regime. It not only helps lessen the effects of fatigue but it also improves flexibility in tight muscles and will correct your balance.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee while training, as these are dehydrating. Cutting these out completely two days before the marathon will increase your hydration levels for the big day!
  • While training, eat plenty of protein. This is vital for muscle-recovery. Feed your muscles with energy filled foods such as bananas or energy bars on the day!


Warming down after the marathon can be the last thing on your mind, however, if you do it the right way, then you can avoid days of hellish aches and pains.


Here are some top tips for getting back on your feet!


Firstly, remember to take some time off work. You will be surprised at how many people either misjudge or simply forget to take that extra day off for recovery!Handsome young physical therapist giving a leg massage in a health centre

This is no time to be lying around however, from the moment you cross the line…. Keep on moving. You may feel like you just want to lie down but getting back up will be painstaking.

Take your time, relax, but try to keep those legs moving.

Pre-book a massage!, If you are in London for a couple of days then get a massage booked in. You will immediately feel the benefits.

Also keep feeding your body with plenty of yummy foods. You will continue to burn energy after your run so keep “treating yourself”.

After all, you deserve it, you have just completed the world’s most famous marathon.


If you are currently in training, work in Canary Wharf and are experiencing some discomfort or joint pain, then why not visit us to discuss the issue you are having. We can plan a Sports Massage schedule in the lead up to the London marathon.

Or, if you are in the unfortunate situation of already experiencing joint pain, (and race day is looming) then book a treatment with one of our experts.

We are situated in the centre of London, with flexible appointments and a 24 hour online booking facility. We are on hand night and day to see you safely through your London Marathon experience.