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freedom to move - a colour composite of an MRI scan of adult male and female plus childMany people at some point in their life will experience some form of pain or lack of movement.

This could be due to old age, injury or illness, but it’s only in time of inability do we really value our freedom to move.

At Freedom Clinics we explore many treatments and programs which benefit our clients by aiding them through recovery, providing them independence, or simply making life easier again.

This month we are exploring just a few bodily grievances and the treatments we can provide to help you overcome them –

Old Age

As we age our bodies start to lose function, your skin loses its elasticity and your muscles and your bones become weaker.
As we all know the aging process can leave us very susceptible to arthritis, osteoporosis and general bone, joint and muscle problems.

Pain killers can help reduce the pain that old age brings but generally this is a short term solution and does not not help you with mobility.

Steroid injections for the elderly

Unlike over the counter pain relief, steroid injections can help regain some movement by reducing inflammation.
Ultrasound guided injections can be performed very successfully on knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, wrist and hip joints.

We can assess each patient and discuss a treatment plan which will be tailored to the individual, optimising the benefits of pain relief and increasing movement.

If you require ultrasound guided injections it is important to let your doctor know if you have Diabetes, a heart condition or health condition that affects the way your blood clots.


Sustaining an injury be it through sports or work can leave you losing out one way or another.
The fine balance between rest and rehabilitation differs from injury to injury, patient to patient, and getting back on your feet again can take time.

Restoring, maintaining and maximising movement though sports rehabilitation, can help speed up the process of recovery, as well as prevent the injury recurring.

Sports rehabilitation and the treatments for injuries

Here at Freedom clinics we benefit from having an on-site sports doctor who specialises in sports rehabilitation.

Sports Doctors & Physicians can treat anyone suffering from back pain, joint inflammation, and other musculoskeletal injuries.

There is a vast amount of treatment our sports doctor can provide including, shock wave therapy, physiotherapy and ultrasound guided injections.

Each patient is given an assessment and a tailored treatment plan will be provided which will include one or more of the services we provide.


Occasionally we treat those who suffer with debilitating diseases or illnesses which can take time to recover from. Whether you are born with an illness or you suffer later on in life, it is important to seek the correct medical care. Rest assured we can offer you a range of treatments which will give you an overall better quality of life.

Long term treatments for illnesses

A range of treatments for autoimmune conditions such as MS and IBS are also available through Freedom clinics.

Again, the treatments range from patient to patient, so we will perform an initial assessment to clarify the extent of the illness, how it is affecting your day to day life and construct a plan which is designed specifically to your needs.

Quality of life comes with the ability to maximise your freedom of movement. If you feel you lack of movement, or are in pain, whether that be through injury, illness or old age we can always help with our tailored treatment plans.

Our large team of specialists covers all joint and health care needs.

Find out more information on our treatments or simply give us a call today on 0203 197 9100