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Why does it hurt under my feet?

One of the most common questions our patients ask is; why do I get pain under my feet? Well, there are many reasons for sore feet. Pain that starts on the base of your foot can be crippling and prevent you from getting on with your day to day routine. Trauma, injury...

International World Foot Health Awareness month

  Most people would be unaware of this month’s “International World Foot Health Awareness” month.   Fewer people still would be aware of the importance of healthy feet and the affect feet have on the rest of your body.   It is thought the average person...
Foot Care – Failing to set the foundations

Foot Care – Failing to set the foundations

The London marathon is over. Thousands of people will be suffering and needing foot care from the effects of the 26 intense mile run you all endured for good causes. It’s now time to think about you, and more importantly think about your feet!. You may be...