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Reasons to rejoice the age of laser hair removal

Sometimes there are reasons to rejoice that we live in this age of technology and advancements in health and wellbeing equipment. Being able to rid unwanted hair for good on your body or face, which may have always blighted your life, has got to be one of them. Living...

Laser hair treatment for men on the up

The rise of the manicured man. The growing phenomenon of the metro sexual has seen men develop into spruced and pruned beings and increasingly males are giving women a run for their money when it comes to the various beauty and health treatments they indulge...

Laser hair removal: The science bit

Knowing that unwanted hair can be removed easily, safely, painlessly and affordably is one thing, but very few of us actually know how it works. Some might not really care, so long as it delivers the results. But for those who are just a little curious as to what...