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“When I first came to see Freedom Clinics in September last year I was a person used to living with continuous pain. If asked for my last pain-free day I would have had to go back as far as my childhood. The continual, nagging pain in my lower back had made exercise of any description more than a chore, it was often an ordeal. Without realising I had adapted my lifestyle to suit my pain – slip on shoes always preferable to laces, leaving my partner to empty the dishwasher etc- all in an effort to avoid the pain instead of tackling it. On top of that my weight had gradually increased year on year, to 4st over my ideal. I came to you with a supplemental issue of my right shoulder. If I am perfectly honest I had little faith that my back pain could be solved – in the past x-rays had proved inconclusive and whenever I had sought medical advice it had not proven fruitful.

Their knowledge and confidence at my initial assessment changed my preconceptions. We began the course and throughout I was kept aware of the expectations that they had of me and in turn what I could expect my way of progress. They was realistic, made time for any questions that I had and gave me the encouragement and support that other medical professionals had failed to provide in the years before.

My advice to anyone in constant pain like I was, that is unsure about using a chiropractor, is to make a commitment to themselves and go for it. Due to Freedom’s support and expertise, I made that commitment to myself. It has not been pain free, and it has required much commitment from me in my spare time to do the exercises set out in my programme. Yet I have seen immediate reward.

After only five months I feel better than I have for many years. I have booked a holiday in May to the United States, where I will be travelling by car across many states covering thousands of miles. I have joined a gym and have committed to regular exercise for the first time in two years, and unlike the last time I am able to exercise without constant pain. I am dropping weight and feeling better. I am now in a position where pain in my back or shoulder is out of the ordinary – rather than the norm. These positive changes to my lifestyle and the increased mobility I now have has benefited me beyond any that words can describe.

I can’t thank you enough, would highly recommend this process to anyone in a similar situation to me and would like to praise your professionalism and skills in making this as easy and enjoyable as possible.”