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“I’ve suffered from chronic back pain since 2009 due to an L2 fracture sustained a number of years ago. Despite multiple surgeries and treatments from a broad range of practitioners, I had nearly given up on making any improvements until I saw Tony at Freedom Clinics.

I have never seen anyone with such an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and musculature. His understanding of the entire spectrum of muscles and connective tissues means his treatments are really precisely targeted at the areas that most need it. He has a totally holistic approach, which is both refreshing and very effective. Instead of just focusing in on the area which is exhibiting problem symptoms, he takes the time to really listen to you and to fully investigate other areas that could be the root cause, as well as suggesting exercises and even nutritional supplements that could help.

He’s also very responsive: he’ll push you to achieve results, but only as much as you can handle, and he’s very happy to adapt his approach to suit how you’re feeling on any particular day.

It’s wonderful to see someone who’s so committed to getting people better and seeing results. I’ve only been seeing him for a few weeks, but already I’m noticing a difference and am feeling so much more positive that things can improve. He really is a diamond!”