Hip, Buttock and Leg Pain

What is hip, buttock and leg pain?

Hip, buttock and leg refers to any pain that is experienced around the side of the pelvis, the buttock and usually the upper leg.

What causes hip, buttock and leg pain?

Hip Buttock and leg pain can be caused by muscle pain, muscle strain, hamstring strain, infection, inflammation, fracture, trauma, sports injury, bursitis, meralgia parasthetica, hernia, osteoarthritis, wear and tear, sacro-iliac joint pain, pregnancy and joint pain. The pain that runs into the leg can often be confused with sciatica, but is often as a result of the pain radiating from its original location.

What treatment options are available?

Treatment involves a full assessment to ascertain the underlying cause of the pain. The patient may be referred to a consultant if the patient can’t be managed conservatively.

Conservative treatment will involve pain medications, adjustments and manipulation to the spine and pelvis, deep tissue massage, deep tissue release, mobilisation, lifestyle modifications, and supplementation advice.

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