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Posture Issues

What are Posture issues?

Most people these days are slumped at a desk and working on a computer – the technical term for this king of slumped posture is sterno-symphyseal posture.

What causes Posture issues?

The cause of poor posture is a multi-factorial. A poor work station set up can contribute along with ‘hot desking’, which seems popular at the moment, but means that a lot of people have to work on a laptop. Laptops are small and compact by design which means that our body has to enclose slightly and work in a much smaller window. This means that our muscles are not being used in the way they were designed, blood flow decreases and they start to tighten and feel sore and stiff.

What are the symptoms of Posture Issues?

Stiff and sore shoulders, headaches, mid back stiffness, low back ache and sore and stiff knees.

What are the treatment options for Posture issues?

Having work assess your work station would be a great place to start but if symptoms persist then having a postural assessment from a practitioner can highlight the main areas of concern.

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