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Spinal Pain

What is Spinal Pain?

Spinal pain relates to any pain, stiffness or discomfort of any region from the bottom of you pelvis, the bottom of your back, the middle of your back, the region between your shoulders and shoulder blades, the bottom of your neck, your neck and into the back of your head.

What causes Spinal Pain?

There are a number of causes of spinal pain but they can be divided into, traumatic, fracture, inflammatory, infection, tumour, osteoarthritic, mechanical and postural. Specific conditions include: whiplash injury, herniated disk, bulging disk, disk narrowing, diskitis, spondylosis, stenosis, compression fracture, wedge fracture, muscle strain, ligament sprain, sponylolisthesis, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, osteomyelitis, scoliosis, Scheurmann’s disease, hypermobility, hyperflexia, facet irritation apophyseal irritation, excessive pelvic tilt, sway back posture, lower cross syndrome, lower cross posture to name but a few.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of spinal pain are anything from a mild feeling of tension or stiffness in any part of the spine, up to an ache or even a sharp pain. The pain may be worse with movement or when at rest and may be worse during certain times of the day such as first thing in the morning or later on in the day. The pain may also radiate away from the main site.

What treatment options are available?

Treatment depends on what the problem is. It is important that you seek out an appointment for an assessment or examination to find out the root cause of the problem especially if you’ve had the problem for more than 6 weeks. If the problem is serious then your therapist should either take X-rays of your spine or refer you to a specialist or consultant for further assessment and possible surgery, but more often than not a combination of hands on treatment, exercises and lifestyle modifications will help you manage the problem.

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