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Trapped Nerves

What is a trapped nerve?

Nerves carry messages from your brain to your body and back from your body to your brain. Messages going out from the brain enable us to move, and those going back to the brain are our senses (such as temperature, pain, or feeling) and enable us to know about our environment. Unfortunately nerves can become compressed or damaged which results in the nerve being unable to function efficiently, as a result we may feel altered sensation such as tingling / numbness / pain / coldness. Alternatively we may lose some of the strength in our muscles which can become to waste away. One of the most well known ‘trapped nerves’ is the sciatic nerve which causes symptoms of sciatica.

What causes trapped nerves?

Nerves are commonly trapped in the back by bulging discs between your spine. They may also be trapped by tight muscles, or compressed by bones. Occasionally (rarely) nerves can become compressed due to more sinister causes such as growths, tumours or cysts.

What are the symptoms of a trapped nerve?

Trapped nerves typically feel acutely painful and often have feel like electric shock or shooting pain. Occasionally they cause numbness, tingling or even wasting of the muscles. Pain is usually felt in the leg, foot, arm, hand or shoulder blade.

What are the treatment options for trapped nerves?

Treatment depends on the cause of the trapped nerve however usually manual therapy such as osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy or massage can help to reduce the pressure on the nerve. Your GP may prescribe anti-inflammatory or pain relief medication. Patients rarely require surgery for trapped nerves.

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