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Sports Injuries

at Freedom Clinics

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Taking part in sport and regular exercise is good for you, but unfortunately sports injuries do happen. When they do, it is important to seek professional advice and treatment as soon as possible. When sport is part of your life, whether as a professional athlete or attending the gym, walking or running, sports injuries are a major frustration. Sports injuries can cause major inconvenience and pain, leaving you unable to train and impacting on your daily life.

Freedom Clinics specialise in sports injuries. Our sports injury professionals in Leeds and London will help treat your injuries, with the aim of getting you back doing what you love.

There are a number of causes of sports injuries, including failure to warm up correctly before exercise, the use of inadequate equipment, pushing your body too hard, and accidents.

It is very important that if you have a sports injury you stop exercising if you are in pain and seek professional help. Continuing to exercise when you are injured may result in further damage and slow down your recovery time.

Of course, the prevention of sports injuries is preferable. You can help reduce your risk of getting injured by warming up correctly before exercise, not pushing your body too hard and using the safety equipment that is recommended for specific sports. When you start a new sport or activity it is always wise to get advice and training from a professional or sports coach.

Treatment of sports injuries

We will assess your sports injury and tailor treatment to you and your needs.Sports massage can be a highly effective way to treat sports injuries. Recent studies have illustrated that regular sports massage can treat and prevent sports injuries, as well as helping to boost sporting performance and cut recovery times.

Chronic sports injuries may develop because of poor technique or as the result of a pre-existing joint or muscle problem.

Sports massage has many benefits. These include improving blood circulation, muscle relaxation, lymph drainage, general relaxation and stress relief.

Sports massage can be used for:

  • Treating sports injuries
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Preventing injuries
  • Helping you train better
  • Stress relief

Sports injury massage at Freedom Clinics is used to treat chronic and acute sports injuries. It can also help your body to recover from the stress of strenuous exercise as it assists the rebuilding stage of conditioning. It can also help give relief to muscle tension and pain and help increase mobility and flexibility which can help prevent future injuries and keep you in shape.

Here at Freedom Clinics you will be treated by a sports injury specialist with access to state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques and equipment, so your problem will be identified accurately before any treatment begins.

You may be advised to have massage therapy prior to chiropractic or osteopathic treatment to aid with muscle relaxation.

Our number one priority is to get you back to full fitness as soon as possible and to make sure you remain that way: free from the pain and frustration of injury.

Sports injury specialists are available in all our London and Leeds clinics.

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After suffering with neck & shoulder problems, my husband and I had Freedom osteopathic treatment. After only a few sessions we noticed a marked improvement. We both have maintenance sessions once a month to keep symptoms at a minimum.


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