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  • We are committed to providing a safe comfortable environment, where patient and staff can be confident that the best practice is being followed at all times and the safety of everyone is paramount importance  
  • A formal chaperone is a person who serves as both a witness for the patient and the medical practitioner, as a safeguard for both parties during a medical examination or procedure and is a witness to continuing consent of the procedure. Family members or friends cannot act as a formal chaperone 
  • An informal chaperone is still acting as a witness during a medical examination/procedure, however with written consent from the patient and clinician they can be a family or staff member that has not received training.

Why do I need a chaperone?

There are two considerations involved in having a chaperone to assist during intimate examinations: namely for the comfort of the patient and the protection of the doctor or nurse from allegations of impropriety 

The rights of the Patient 

  • All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present for any consultation, examination or procedure where they feel one is required  
  • Patients have the right to decline the offer of a chaperone 
  • However, the clinician might feel that it would be wise to have a chaperone present for their mutual protection, for example and intimate exam in a young adult of the opposite gender 
  • If the patient still declines the doctor will need to decide if they are happy to proceed in the absence of a chaperone. This will be a decision based on both clinical need and the requirement for the protection against any allegations of improper conduct 

Appropriately trained chaperones 

Appropriately trained chaperone is defined as a member of staff who has completed the practice training program and has been assessed as a competent member of the practice clinical team. Currently all receptionist members and clinic manager are chaperones trained. 

When a chaperone is not available: 

  • We try and avoid this happening. Patients are asked at time of boking if they require a chaperone. 
  • Otherwise, if a chaperone is not available, we will reschedule. 
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