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In July of 2023 we have run a satisfaction patient survey. The findings were:

Patients taking part of the survey responded ‘confident’ /quite confident/not confident to:

  • I feel respected as an individual -9 confident/1 quite confident
  • The clinical team question me carefully to understand what I want – 9 confident/1 quite confident
  • I am listened to by all members of the team – 3 confident/1 quite confident
  • Treatment options are explained to me in clear, understandable way and I always understand what treatment I have consented to – 9 confident/1 quite confident
  • I feel involved in decisions about my care – 9 confident / 1 quite confident
  • The cost of my treatment is well explained – 8 confident/2 quite confident
  • My care at the practice is value for money – 9 confident/1 quite confident
  • Confidentiality is always preserved – 8 confident/2 quite confident
  • The practice is clean and hygienic – 8 confident/2 quite confident
  • The practice is up to date with infection prevention and I feel protected – 7 confident / 3 quite confident
  • The clinical team are clinically competent – 8 confident / quite confident 2
  • The practice is designed and maintained for my comfort and safety – 8 confident/2 quite confident
  • If I make a complaint or comment these are listened to and dealt with effectively – 8 confident / 2 quite confident
  • If I have an emergency I am dealt with quickly and efficiently – 8 confident/2 quite confident
  • My clinical records are always available and are stored safely – 7 confident/3 quite confident

We have received positive comments such as:

  • What I like the best in the practice is the excellent treatment and how lovely the team is;
  • What I like the best in the practice is the efficiency of admin team and how fast I have improved since my injury with just few treatments;
  • What I like the best in the practice is the clean space, the staff and the professionalism;
  • What I like the best in the practice is the care the admin and the clinical team put in treating patients;
  • The location and great care;
  • The warm admin team and clinical expertise;
  • Pleasant and professional;
  • I like the smiles I’m always welcomed with, the front desk efficiency for always helping me with my thousand questions and the treatment I receive of course.


When asked what could we do better:

  • Billing team needs to ensure they get the process right before chasing patients for payments.
  • Nothing, keep doing what you doing.
  • The floor is quite cold specially during winter time. It would be nice if was warmer specially when need to undress.

When asked if the patient would recommend us to family and friends the findings were:

  • 5x stated ‘Definitely’
  • 5x stated ‘Already have’


For more information or to book an appointment call Freedom Clinics on the number below.

call : 0203 197 9100



Freedom Clinics Company Number: 06716626
Canada Place Shopping Mall (Turn Left At Waitrose & Home Partners)
34 North Colonnade, Canary Wharf
London E14 5HX

call: 0203 197 9100

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK – (and 3 Hours Free Parking at weekends)

Pay with Klarna available. Please call the clinic to know more about the services covered.

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