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We aim to provide you with a detailed assessment to understand the underlying cause of the pain and symptoms. We will provide you with a treatment plan, exercises and rehabilitation advice as well as hands on treatment for a sound prognosis

What is hip, buttock and leg pain?

Hip, buttock and leg pain refers to any pain or symptoms around the side of the pelvis, buttock, upper leg and sometimes the calf. Often trapped nerves for example, sciatica can even refer into the foot.


What causes hip, buttock and leg pain?

Hip, buttock and leg pain can be caused by; muscle pain, muscle strain, muscle tears, hamstring strain, infection, inflammation, fracture, trauma, sports injury, bursitis, meralgia parasthetica, hernia, osteoarthritis, wear and tear, sacro-iliac joint pain, pregnancy and joint pain. The pain that runs into the leg can often be confused with sciatica, but is often as a result of the pain radiating from the original location. Patient’s with lumbar spine disc prolapses can often have pain in the leg even though the original location is from within the spine. Other common areas of referral are from gluteal muscles and gluteal tendinopathies.

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What treatment options are available?

Treatment will involve a full assessment to ascertain the underlying cause of the pain. The patient may be referred to our sports doctor or a consultant if the patient cannot be managed conservatively. Conservative treatment will be carried out by either; osteopaths, chiropractors or physiotherapists who can perform manipulation, mobilisation, deep tissue work, lifestyle modifications and prescriptive exercise advice. For more complex patients; our sports doctor can see the patient for specialist advice on imaging such as in-house ultrasound scans, referrals for MRI, Xray, blood tests or to other consultants. In some cases; the sports doctor can perform highly accurate ultrasound-guided injections and may recommend physiotherapy after this for a sound prognosis.

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