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Perfect Posture, assessing, treating, and managing posture pain

An expert postural and spinal assessment from our practitioners can highlight the main areas of concern and underlying causes, giving you the optimum course of treatment for postural issues

What are Postural issues?

Most people these days are slumped at a desk and working on a computer. If not this then people are slumped on smart phones, tablets or laptops! Being in Canary Wharf, we have seen thousands of patients with postural issues! The technical term for this king of slumped posture is ‘sterno-symphyseal posture’.


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What are the symptoms of Posture Issues?

Stiff and sore shoulders, back pain, headaches, mid back stiffness, low back ache, sore knees, hip and gluteal (buttocks) pain.


What are the treatment options for Posture issues?

Firstly, make sure your work carries out a thorough workstation assessment. If you are still feeling pain and symptoms then book in an assessment with either an osteopath, chiropractor or physiotherapist. Your practitioner will carry out a thorough examination and advise you on any necessary treatment options, exercises and lifestyle changes.

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